Student-athletes make the grade with NJCAA, MCCAA Academic Awards

Student-athletes make the grade with NJCAA, MCCAA Academic Awards

The Michigan Community College Athletic Association (MCCAA) and the National Junior College Athletic Association announced the 2019-20 NJCAA and MCCAA Academic Award winners this week.

Jackson College has seven teams earn both MCCAA and NJCAA All-Academic Team honors, with 75 individual Jets student-athletes receiving recognition. To earn team honors, a team must have a cumulative GPA for all athletes of 3.0 or higher.

"I am very proud of the work our student-athletes put in on and off the court. In this unprecedented time, they have shown they are truly students first with their grit and resiliency to excel in the classroom. I am excited to see what we can do this upcoming semester," said Courtney Ivan, executive director for athletics and student development.

Recipients from Jackson College include:

NJCAA All-Academic Teams, MCCAA All-Academic Teams

Women's Cross Country              3.50

Softball                                            3.32

Men's Bowling                               3.28

Women's Basketball                     3.19

Baseball                                          3.19

Women's Soccer                            3.10

Volleyball                                        3.08


NJCAA All Academic First Team (4.0 GPA)

Leah Clough                                    Jackson College               Women's Basketball

Madeline Humphreys                  Jackson College               Women's Cross Country

Marissa Shaw                                 Jackson College               Women's Basketball

Marissa Wood                               Jackson College               Women's Bowling


NJCAA All Academic Second Team (3.8 – 3.99 GPA)

Aaron Thomas                               Jackson College                 Baseball

Andrew Richard                             Jackson College                 Men's Bowling

Annabelle Osborne                       Jackson College                 Women's Cross Country

Caleb Overlock                               Jackson College                 Baseball

Cameron Kelley                              Jackson College                 Women's Soccer

Jackson Avery                                Jackson College                 Baseball

Jordynn Lloyd                                 Jackson College                 Women's Basketball

Kaitlyn Schaub                               Jackson College                 Softball

Kylee Yon                                        Jackson College                 Softball

Ria McDermott                              Jackson College                 Women's Cross Country

Samantha Maduri                         Jackson College                 Women's Soccer


NJCAA All-Academic Third Team (3.60-3.79 GPA)

Jacoby Anderson                           Jackson College                       Soccer (Men)

Collin Baldwin                                Jackson College                       Bowling (Men)

Brooklyn Barton                             Jackson College                       Softball

Courtney Benschoter                    Jackson College                       Volleyball (Court)

Katelyn Brown                               Jackson College                       Soccer (Women)

Aleea Coulter                                 Jackson College                       Volleyball (Court)

Paige Gunn                                     Jackson College                       Soccer (Women)

Alexis Hill                                        Jackson College                       Softball

Alex Lord                                         Jackson College                       Baseball

Mikayla Maurer                             Jackson College                       Softball

Daelyn Merillat                              Jackson College                       Basketball (Women)

Dener Nascimento                        Jackson College                       Soccer (Men)

Koryn Playford                               Jackson College                       Softball

Tyler Stassines                               Jackson College                       Golf (Men)


2019-20 MCCAA Academic All-Conference (3.0 GPA and higher)

Jacoby Anderson                  Jackson College                 Men's Soccer

Andrew Anstead                   Jackson College                 Baseball

Lydia Anuszkiewicz              Jackson College                 Women's Cross County

Jackson Avery                       Jackson College                 Baseball

Abigail Badke                        Jackson College                 Women's Soccer

Collin Baldwin                       Jackson College                 Men's Bowling

Brooklyn Barton                   Jackson College                 Softball

Courtney Benschoter          Jackson College                 Volleyball

Alexander Billo                      Jackson College                 Baseball

Gonzalo Bocaz                      Jackson College                 Men's Soccer

Johannes Booyens               Jackson College                 Baseball

Dyland Brigham                    Jackson College                 esports

Katelyn Brown                      Jackson College                 Women's Soccer

Brendan Brown                    Jackson College                 Men's Basketball

Bre'aira Burton                     Jackson College                 Women's Basketball

Leah Clough                           Jackson College                 Women's Basketball

Logan Connolly                     Jackson College                 Men's Cross Country

Aleea Coulter                        Jackson College                 Volleyball

Brandon Cox                         Jackson College                 esports

Connor Davis                         Jackson College                 Baseball

Allison Fagan                         Jackson College                 Women's Bowling

Brock Fullerton                     Jackson College                 Men's Bowling

Paige Gunn                            Jackson College                 Women's Soccer

Alaysia Gutierrez                  Jackson College                 Women's Cross County

Alexis Hill                               Jackson College                 Softball

Madeline Humphreys         Jackson College                 Women's Cross County

Cullen Hurley                        Jackson College                 Baseball

Taylor Hutchinson                Jackson College                 Women's Basketball, Volleyball

Cameron Kelley                     Jackson College                 Women's Soccer

Braden Kosmet                     Jackson College                 Men's Soccer

Jordynn Lloyd                        Jackson College                 Women's Basketball

Alex Lord                                Jackson College                 Baseball

Samantha Maduri                Jackson College                 Women's Soccer

Jalen Martin                          Jackson College                 Men's Basketball

Mikayla Maurer                    Jackson College                 Softball

Ria McDermott                     Jackson College                 Women's Cross County

Sydney Medina                     Jackson College                 Softball

Daaelyn Merillat                   Jackson College                 Women's Basketball

Madison Montgomery        Jackson College                 Women's Basketball

Brendan Moran                    Jackson College                 Baseball

Dener Nascimento               Jackson College                 Men's Soccer

Devon Nettles                       Jackson College                 Baseball

Annabelle Osborne              Jackson College                 Women's Cross County

Ashley Owens                       Jackson College                 Women's Soccer

Levi Peck                                Jackson College                 Baseball

Koryn Playford                      Jackson College                 Softball

Madison Pluto                       Jackson College                 Softball

Olivia Polak                            Jackson College                 Softball

Haley Presley                         Jackson College                 Softball

Louis Redovich                      Jackson College                 Men's Golf

Andrew Richard                    Jackson College                 Men's Bowling

Maebel Robeson                  Jackson College                 Softball

Mason Rutan                         Jackson College                 Men's Bowling

Kaitlyn Schaub                      Jackson College                 Softball

Marissa Shaw                        Jackson College                 Women's Basketball

Austin Sinda                          Jackson College                 Baseball

Camille Smith                        Jackson College                 Softball

Jacob Sosa                             Jackson College                 Baseball

Tyler Stassines                      Jackson College                 Men's Golf

Max Stevenson                     Jackson College                 Baseball

Hunter Stines                        Jackson College                 Baseball

Phoenix Stricker                    Jackson College                 Women's Soccer

Tomas Teklegergis                Jackson College                 Men's Basketball

Aaron Thomas                      Jackson College                 Baseball

Ronald Tolson                       Jackson College                 Men's Bowling, Men's Cross Country

Julissa Torres                         Jackson College                 Women's Soccer

Riley Vermander                  Jackson College                 Baseball

John Welter                           Jackson College                 esports

Addison Whorley                 Jackson College                 esports

Marissa Wood                      Jackson College                 Women's Bowling

Kylee Yon                               Jackson College                 Softball

Ethan Young                          Jackson College                 Baseball

Jean Youte                             Jackson College                 Men's Basketball

Gracen Zaremba                   Jackson College                 Women's Soccer


Academic All-MCCAA (3.2 GPA and higher)

Jacoby Anderson                Jackson College                   Men's Soccer

Andrew Anstead                 Jackson College                   Baseball

Jackson Avery                      Jackson College                   Baseball

Abigail Badke                       Jackson College                   Women's Soccer

Collin Baldwin                     Jackson College                   Men's Bowling

Brooklyn Barton                 Jackson College                   Softball

Courtney Benschoter         Jackson College                   Volleyball

Gonzalo Bocaz                     Jackson College                   Men's Soccer

Johannes Booyens             Jackson College                   Baseball

Dyland Brigham                  Jackson College                   esports

Brendan Brown                   Jackson College                   Men's Basketball

Katelyn Brown                    Jackson College                   Women's Soccer

Bre'aira Burton                   Jackson College                   Women's Basketball

Leah Clough                         Jackson College                   Women's Basketball

Logan Connolly                   Jackson College                   Men's Cross Country

Aleea Coulter                      Jackson College                   Volleyball

Allison Fagan                       Jackson College                   Women's Bowling

Brock Fullerton                   Jackson College                   Men's Bowling

Paige Gunn                          Jackson College                   Women's Soccer

Alaysia Gutierrez                Jackson College                   Women's Cross County

Alexis Hill                              Jackson College                   Softball

Madeline Humphreys        Jackson College                   Women's Cross County

Cullen Hurley                       Jackson College                   Baseball

Taylor Hutchinson              Jackson College                   Women's Basketball, Volleyball

Cameron Kelley                   Jackson College                   Women's Soccer

Braden Kosmet                   Jackson College                   Men's Soccer

Jordynn Lloyd                      Jackson College                   Women's Basketball

Alex Lord                              Jackson College                   Baseball

Samantha Maduri              Jackson College                   Women's Soccer

Mikayla Maurer                  Jackson College                   Softball

Ria McDermott                   Jackson College                   Women's Cross County

Daaelyn Merillat                 Jackson College                   Women's Basketball

Madison Montgomery      Jackson College                   Women's Basketball

Brendan Moran                  Jackson College                   Baseball

Dener Nascimento             Jackson College                   Men's Soccer

Devon Nettles                     Jackson College                   Baseball

Caleb Overlock                    Jackson College                   Baseball

Annabelle Osborne            Jackson College                   Women's Cross County

Koryn Playford                    Jackson College                   Softball

Madison Pluto                     Jackson College                   Softball

Olivia Polak                          Jackson College                   Softball

Haley Presley                       Jackson College                   Softball

Louis Redovich                    Jackson College                   Men's Golf

Andrew Richard                  Jackson College                   Men's Bowling

Maebel Robeson                Jackson College                   Softball

Kaitlyn Schaub                    Jackson College                   Softball

Marissa Shaw                      Jackson College                   Women's Basketball

Austin Sinda                        Jackson College                   Baseball

Camille Smith                      Jackson College                   Softball

Jacob Sosa                           Jackson College                   Baseball

Tyler Stassines                    Jackson College                   Men's Golf

Max Stevenson                   Jackson College                   Baseball

Hunter Stines                      Jackson College                   Baseball

Tomas Teklegergis              Jackson College                   Men's Basketball

Aaron Thomas                    Jackson College                   Baseball

Ronald Tolson                     Jackson College                   Men's Bowling, Men's Cross Country

Julissa Torres                       Jackson College                   Women's Soccer

John Welter                         Jackson College                   esports

Addison Whorley                Jackson College                   esports

Marissa Wood                     Jackson College                   Women's Bowling

Kylee Yon                             Jackson College                   Softball

Gracen Zaremba                 Jackson College                   Women's Soccer